michael turner

Amolak Nijjar

English 9

Mr. Turner

October 12, 11

Michael Turner is a Gangster

     Michael Turner is born in 1962 North Vancouver according to Wikipedia.According to Wikipedia he is a writer, musician, and opera librettos. He graduated in 1982. After he graduated he went to Europe and North Africa to study about poetry. When he came back he started a band called “Hard Rock Miners” “a post modern jug band.  Later he left and started to write poetry and one of his poems, “Hard Core Logo” became a film and a comic book and a t shirt. His music work was in some movies and television shows. The most popular poem is the, The Pornographer’s Poem. He won most of his awards because of the Pornographer’s poem. He uses different styles like diary enters and constructive narrative and many more. This is Michael Turners story. One of Michael Turners poems is My Job. I picked this poem because I get what he meant when it said “so don’t got running to the foreman” (6th line) “I’m your boss I’ll do that.”(Last line) When he meant that he was trying to say that don’t go to my boss tell me and I can tell him. When he wrote this he wanted the people to go to the person not to go to the person in charge to go to the person that is in charge of you and he can tell the boss. He writes this poem in first person.  In the first three lines he talks about himself and then the rest he talks about what he can do for the people so it seems like he has nothing to do at the job because in he says (first line) “I’m paid to watch and work.” So it seem like he wants something to do.  In line three and six he says foreman I think that means he doesn’t like the foreman or he doesn’t want people going to the foreman. This is one of my favourite poems by Michael Turner.




I’m paid to watch and work.

I’m the charge of hand.

I’m union and the foreman’s my boss.

If you’re having problems

I’ll let you know.

So don’t go running to the foreman.

I’m your boss and I’ll do that.


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