English 9 — February 1, 2018


Today we had a brief presentation on the English courses available for students in Grade 10. Students will be doing course selection soon and should know what their top choices are.

Students were introduced to some adventure-themed (or adventure-adjacent) books from the English book room and given the opportunity to borrow them.

We then discussed what makes a good story. We set up a page to take notes on the topics of meaning, plot and setting, character, and style (including imagery and humour), then listened to a story told by Matteson Perry on the Moth Podcast about participating in the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. We noted quotations from the story that fit into those categories and helped to make his story a good one.

Homework: Consider what the “meaning” of this story is. If you were Perry, and you were asked to reflect on the significance of this experience and what we can take away from it, what would you say? We will write a paragraph on that topic tomorrow. Also, don’t forget to bring your silent reading book! We start silent reading tomorrow!


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