English 9 — Thursday, Feb. 8


Today: we started to write paragraph responses to “A Mountain Journey.” Students were to select one of the following topics. But watch out! We need to be able to use the evidence we found in the story to help develop our ideas.

What does this story tell us about… (pick one)

  • Risks
  • Decisions
  • Nature
  • Cold weather survival

While this assignment can be completed on paper, I am trying to get as many students as possible working on Google Docs. We had 24 computers available today and everyone present was using Google Docs. (While the school district has made Office 365 available, and I will accept assignments submitted through Office 365, I believe students will find Google Docs more user friendly for our purposes in this class, so I am strongly encouraging its use.)

Students were instructed in how to format their documents according to MLA formatting. (However, no “works cited” page is required for this assignment.)

Tomorrow: we will continue working on this paragraph assignment.

Homework: please continue reading your silent reading book today and everyday for at least 30 minutes. Make a new entry in your reading journal as you go.


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