English 12 — Friday, Feb. 9

Today: We read examples of Student Analyses of “The Dumka” and scored them according to the rubric used on the English 12 Provincial exam, AKA “the 6-point scale”. We then discussed them in groups, reaching consensus on what marks each paragraph should get. Hint: one is a “6”, one is a “5”, one is a “4”, one is “3” and one is a “2”.

We then compared what we thought as groups to the Assessments given with the exam prep material.

We then discussed as a class what we can infer about good and bad characteristics of analyses; i.e., the do’s and don’ts.

Also today: We were informed that our grades for the first composition we wrote are now available in the online gradebook.

  • If you want to know how you can improve your mark, see the email I sent to you. Note that you may have also gotten an email notification from Google if I made any comments on your document but that is not the email I’m referring to. I emailed you directly, four paragraphs, probably beginning with “Good work” and ending with “thanks.”) If you still don’t the praise and advice I give you in that email, come and see me.
  • You may, if you choose, submit a revision and I will add that to the gradebook (not replacing the original mark which.)
  • Note that I expect revisions to be your sole work; not the work of tutors or any other helpers.
  • I reserve the right to discount work that is inconsistent with what you can do in class.

You should have received an email from Google with a link to a shared folder containing examples of high-scoring student work for this assignment, shared anonymously, with the students’ permission. One of them scored higher than the other two. See if you can guess which one. I hope you read and enjoy them!

Next week: We begin reading and analyzing work in our chosen themes: imagination for period one and crime for period two.

Homework: Keep reading your silent reading book over the weekend! Have a good one!


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