English 12 — Feb. 15, 2018

Today: We did our first analysis assignment–one paragraph, minimum 200 words. Students submitted their work in MLA format via Google Docs to my Gmail address.

Period 1 Topic: Discuss imagination in the episode, “Idiot Box.”

Period 4 Topic: Select ONE of the following topics. Discuss that topic in “The Woman Who Came at Six O’Clock.”

  • crime
  • emotion
  • will power
  • right and wrong

Note: “Discuss” is an admittedly broad and vague directive. It may help you develop your ideas to consider the topic’s…

  • Negative aspects
  • Positive aspects
  • Causes
  • Effects
  • Relationships to other significant topics in the text
  • Relationship to the text’s overall theme

If you need extra time, let me know that you are taking it and when. It is important that you select a time when you can finish the assignment in one sitting. Do not start and stop repeatedly. You may be permitted extra time on the provincial exam but you will still need to complete that exam on the day, so let’s do our best to train for that.

Please remember that this should be only your work. Do not use any writing aids including dictionaries, thesauruses, synonym lists, or any research. This should be just you and the text.

Recall the qualities and style of the high scoring Analyses of “The Dumka” we read last week to help you understand the style we are going for here.

Homework: Please preview the material I handed out at the end of class:

  • Period 1: “From the Imagination” by Robert Walser and “Imagination” by Gary Soto
  • Period 4: “Crime” from Vancouver Special by Charles Demers

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