English 12 — Period 1 — Feb. 23

Analysis Presentation.001.jpeg

Today: I assigned the following topic for anyone who wants to make up a missing analysis: Discuss “nature” in Robert Walser’s “From the Imagination”.

Also, anyone who wants to revise and re-share a second draft of their “Idiot Box” analysis is welcome to do so.

We looked at what “analysis” means in a little more detail, using an ad for the BC Children’s hospital as our example text.

We then began to read and analyze the cycle of poems, Brutal Imagination, creating a concept map on the topic of imagination–it’s uses here, where it is coming from, how this relates to stereotypes, important or interesting quotations, etc.

We will continue reading and analyzing Brutal Imagination on Monday.

Homework: In addition to your normal reading homework, please also read Brutal Imagination from beginning to end.


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