English 9 — Monday, Feb. 26

Today: We brainstormed topics for our response to The Epic of Gilgamesh. Students picked one and started free-writing on that topic.

Here are our topics, as suggested by students:

Topic: What is the significance of this key moment? (choose one)

  • the slaying of Humbaba
  • the death of Enkidu
  • the proposal of / spurning of Ishtar
  • the slaying of the Bull of Heaven
  • the journey to find Utnapishtim
  • the ending
  • the creation of Enkidu
  • The civilization of Enkidu
  • The meeting of Gilgamesh and Enkidu

Topic: How/why does Gilgamesh change over the course of the epic?

Topic: Is Gilgamesh a hero or a villain? A good or bad king? (I suggest, instead of this topic, you discuss how Gilgamesh changes over the course of the epic, because clearly he starts out as a villain.

Topic: The role of the gods

Topic: What role does DEATH play in this story? (Fear of death, quest for immortality, death Enkidu, etc.)

Topic: What is the overall theme of this story? Is there a message?

Topic: What role(s) do women play in this story? Is the portrayal of women positive or negative?

Homework: Read!


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