English 12 — Period 1 — Wed. Feb. 28 to Fri. Mar. 2

On these three days: We formed small groups for a series of discussions.


  1. Read Brutal Imagination up to and including your first set of assigned poems.
  2. Make notes on your assigned poems.
  3. Use the Poem Analysis Sheet to generate discussion questions.
  4. Ensure you are ready to contribute to the group discussion.
  5. Silent Read or start planning your analysis of Brutal Imagination
  6. When it is your group’s turn, the teacher will sit with you and listen to your discussion.
  7. You will receive feedback on your discussion. Put this feedback into your Feedback Log
  8. Continue reading up to and including your second set of assigned poems.
  9. Repeat the process.
  10. After your second discussion, finish reading all of the poems.
  11. Start writing an analysis of Brutal Imagination on one of the following topics:
    • Imagination
    • The nature of the speaker
    • The social life of ideas
    • ..suggest additions to this list…

Groups and poetry assignments


  • Discussion 1 (Wednesday 9:20-9:30): “Where am I?” and “The Lake” (p. 13-15)
  • Discussion 2 (Friday 8:45-8:55): “The Unsigned Confession of Mr. Zero” and “What I’m Made of” (p. 35-36)


  • Discussion 1 (Wednesday 9:35-9:45): “The Law” and “Why I am Not a Woman” (p. 16- 19)
  • Discussion 2 (Thursday 9:45-9:55): “What the Sheriff Suspects” and “Next of Kin” (p. 38-40)


  • Discussion 1 (Thursday 8:45-8:55): “One True Thing” and “Composite” (p. 20-21)
  • Discussion 2 (Friday 9:00-9:10): “What is known about the Abductor” and “Interrogation” (p. 41-43)


  • Discussion 1 (Thursday 9:00-9:10): “Charles Stuart in the Hospital” and “Uncle Tom in Heaven” (p. 22-28)
  • Discussion 2 (Friday 9:15-9:25): “My Eyes” and “What isn’t Known about the Abductor” (p. 44-45)


  • Discussion 1 (Thursday 9:15-9:25) : “Uncle Ben Watches the Local News” and “Aunt Jemima’s Do-Rag” (p. 29-30)
  • Discussion 2 (Friday 9:30-9:40): “Press Conference” and “Sympathy” (p. 46-47)


  • Discussion 1 (Thursday 9:30-9:40): “Buckwheat’s Lament” and “Stepin Fetchit Reads the Paper” (p. 31-32)
  • Discussion 2 (Friday 9:45-9:55): “Confession” and “Birthing” (p. 48-57)

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