English 9 — Wed. Feb. 28

Today: We added the feedback we received from our Odysseus responses to our Feedback Logs. Then, we began working on our essay response to The Epic of Gilgamesh.

Minimum 450 words. Due at the end of class Friday.


Topic: What is the significance of this key moment? (choose one)

  • the slaying of Humbaba
  • the death of Enkidu
  • the proposal of / spurning of Ishtar
  • the slaying of the Bull of Heaven
  • the journey to find Utnapishtim
  • the ending
  • the creation of Enkidu
  • The civilization of Enkidu
  • The meeting of Gilgamesh and Enkidu

Topic: How/why does Gilgamesh change over the course of the epic?

Topic: Is Gilgamesh a hero or a villain? A good or bad king? (I suggest, instead of this topic, you discuss how Gilgamesh changes over the course of the epic, because clearly he starts out as a villain.

Topic: The role of the gods

Topic: What role does DEATH play in this story? (Fear of death, quest for immortality, death Enkidu, etc.)

Topic: What is the overall theme of this story? Is there a message?

Topic: What role(s) do women play in this story? Is the portrayal of women positive or negative?

Homework: Read or plan your Gilgamesh essay.


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