English 12 — Period 4 — Thu. Mar. 1 to Fri. Mar. 2

On these two days: We are working on analyses of A Naked Singularity.

Our topic: Discuss how the characterization of ________________ helps the author convey his theme. Pick one to fill in the blank:

  • Casi
  • The defendant(s)
  • The judge
  • The cabbie

First we generated some possible themes for this chapter:

  • The justice system makes defendants feel inferior.
  • People with authority can abuse their power.
  • Minorities and people on the margin of society are more susceptible to injustice in the legal system.
  • Crime can be a result of arbitrary factors.
  • The fate of a person in the justice system may not always be just.
  • An idealist who cares about people may become bitter when dealing with an unjust world.
  • Et cetera (there are many more possible themes)

Here is a possible planning process:

  1. Pick your character(s) to focus on
  2. List their traits
  3. Decide how those traits relate to the theme
  4. Find quotations and plot points that show those traits
  5. Find quotations and plot points that illustrate that relationship to the theme

Here is an example of how a paragraph like this might begin:

In the first chapter of A Naked Singularity, Sergio De La Pava portrays the cabbie as only interested in money. This help him convey the idea that the general population does not appreciate the important work that public defenders do. The Cabbie urges Casi to become a “real lawyer” and “make the big bucks” . . .

Homework: Finish a rough draft of this analysis before Monday. We will peer review it and revise it further.


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