English 9 — Thu. Mar. 1

Today: We continued working on our Gilgamesh essays on Google Docs.

The essay will be assessed according to this rubric. We will talk about hooks and creating impact tomorrow.


When discussing the “significance” of something in a piece of literature you might ask yourself…

  • How does it help convey the theme?
  • Why is it important or pivotal to the plot?
  • How does it convey character traits?
  • How or why does it affect the character(s)?

Remember, when doing literary analysis, our ultimate goal is usually to discuss values and problems. We are not telling a story or teaching the reader what the story is literally about. We are instead talking about what the story seems to imply about life. In this case, The Epic of Gilgamesh seems to be asking questions like, “How should we live, given that we are going to die?” “How should we use our power?” “What is the importance of friendship?” “Can we achieve any kind of immortality?” “What makes for a good ruler?” Etc. So when doing literary analysis we examine how the story and characters and poetry convey and explore ideas like this in an artistic way. This requires us to analyze and interpret, not just retell the facts.

Homework: Please either read your silent reading book or work on your essay.


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