English 12 — Period 1 — Visual Assignment

Optional Assignment!

In order to give students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of text in alternative forms (i.e., other than writing) I will periodically offer optional assignments. If you attempt one of these assignments and do well, you can improve your grade. If you do not do well on it, I will make sure you are not penalized for trying.

Assignment: Create a visual portrait of the speaker of Brutal Imagination.

  • You may work in any visual medium–paper, digital, etc.
  • Must go being merely presenting stereotypes. That would be simplistic and potentially offensive.
  • Do not simply draw a line down the middle of he page and show him as two-sided. That is an overused visual concept.
  • Consider the complex nature of this speaker, his hybrid quality, his social quality, the way he is portrayed in the text, etc.
  • There are many, many possible ways to approach this, use your imagination and show your understanding and reading of the text.

Grading: This will be marked according to this Visual Work Scoring Rubric.



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