English 12 — Period 4 — Wed. Mar. 7 to Fri. Mar. 9

Wednesday: We received our texts and topics for our next and final analysis. Choose ONE of the following:

  • “Canada’s Prisons are the New Residential Schools” — Topic: cause & effect OR narrative
  • “The Destructors” — Topic: Select one of these Quotations About Crime and explain how the story illustrates or contradicts that quote.
  • “Why Do Drug Dealers Still Live with their Moms?” Topic: questions (how do the authors use questions? What do they say about questions? How does that relate to their main ideas and methods?)

Read and take notes on the topic and how it relates to the text’s main idea.

Thursday and Friday: Write your analysis. Minimum 200 words.

Be sure to include a goal for yourself, based on the constructive feedback you got from the teacher or your peers on you previous analysis (A Naked Singularity).

Homework: If you did not finish reading the text during class, read it at home in order to be ready to write tomorrow.


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