English 9 — Wed. Mar. 7 to Fri. Mar. 9

Wednesday: We added more ideas about “adventure” to our KWL sheet.

ASSIGNMENT (writing in class next week): Write a story (preferably based on your own experiences) that conveys one of those ideas about “adventure” which we brainstormed together.

On Thursday: We brainstormed a list of experiences from our own lives that could fit under the category of adventure. That includes any stories about our experience with new people, places and things, our experience of the unknown, any situation where we may have been in danger or taken a risk, even if only the risk of embarrassment.

Wednesday to Friday:  We are creating a list of ideas on the topic of “How to Write Narrative” while we read Ray Bradbury’s story, “A Sound of Thunder” to get more ideas. Here are our notes so far:

How to Write Narrative – NOTES

  • Decide a setting (probably one, maybe two or three)
  • Decide a main character (and maybe one to two secondary characters)
  • Decide the main problem/struggle (that tells you your plot)
  • Give it an original title
  • In dialogue, each person’s speech is in its own paragraph.
  • Use figurative language (simile, metaphor, personification, etc.)
  • Everything must contribute to your main idea or effect. If it doesn’t, cut it out.
  • Use paragraph breaks to create pauses and emphasis.
  • Use sensory imagery (smells, sounds, feelings, tastes, sights)

Homework: Read your silent reading book for at least 30 minutes!


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