English 9 — Mon. Mar. 12

Today: We started in earnest on writing our own adventure-themed stories.

Students are encouraged to tell a story from their own experience. As long as there is some kind of risk or experience of something new, it should be able to fit the topic.

Using the list of story ideas students generated last week, each student picked a story and free wrote everything they could think of about it.

Then we looked at story structure. Students identified the central conflict of their story, and then used that conflict to discover where the story should begin (the inciting incident where that conflict is introduced) and where the story should end (shortly after the climax–the moment of highest tension in the story.

The bulk of the story (maybe 90%) should happen between those two points and show the protagonist struggling with that central conflict.

Students then wrote an opening to their story.

Tomorrow: description of setting and characters.

Homework: Continue reading your silent reading book and adding to your reading journal.


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