English 12 — Period 4 — Mon. Mar. 12 to Thurs. Mar. 15

We are working on an original composition on the topic of “crime”. Minimum 450 words. As usual, students are encouraged to write from their own personal experience. Note that “crime” can be interpreted very broadly to include various kinds of rule breaking or bad behaviour.

Choose one of the themes, suggested by our classmates, based on our readings:

  • Anyone is capable of committing crimes
  • The desire for acceptance can lead to poor choices
  • Emotions can lead to poor judgment
  • Some crimes may be motivated by good intentions
  • Criminals are not always who they seem
  • Conformity can cause destruction
  • Criminal actions can do good in some cases
  • Our culture provokes (creates) crime
  • Discrimination and prejudice can challenge attempts to create justice

Use the constructive feedback you received on your previous original composition (“reading”) to create a goal for yourself on this one.

Monday: Brainstorming.

Tuesday: Drafting (finish your first draft for homework)

Wednesday: Revising to include descriptive techniques

Thursday: Peer Review and revision

Friday: Final draft due (and we pick a new topic!)

Homework: Continue reading as a model for your own creative writing efforts.


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