English 12 — Fri. Apr. 6

Today: We brainstormed ideas for writing a personal narrative on one of these themes:

  • Adventure can create stories for the future.
  • The enjoyment of risk can diminish quickly.
  • We respond to risk differently and this can create conflict.
  • Too much risk may jeopardize group unity.

(This is the list from yesterday edited down to just those themes that relate to our topic of “adventure”.)

Then we looked at the use of colons and long dashes in “Paddle to Canada” in order to better understand how to use these in our own writing. We also referred to this article on punctuation to support our understanding.

We practiced writing sentences using colons and dashes based on our ideas for our upcoming composition which we will write in class on Monday.

Homework: Think about your story idea so that you are ready to write out a first draft on Monday.


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