English 9 — Tues. Apr. 17 and Wed. Apr. 18


Tuesday: We looked at exemplars of grade nine poems to better understand the criteria for judging the quality of poetry. Then discussed which aspects of good poetry writing are most difficult (answers: figurative language and developing themes). We then practiced writing some similes and metaphors based on the painting “The Scream.”

Wednesday: Ekphrasis! We looked at Bruegel’s painting, “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” and two different poems written describing it (by William Carlos Willams and W.H. Auden).

We then tried to write poems in a similar style, describing the painting “Watson and the Shark” using the five senses and figurative language, and generalizing about the situation to make the poem “about” a larger theme relevant to life.

Homework: Complete your ekphrastic poem.


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