English 9 — Wed. May 8 – Fri. May 10

Wednesday: We decided, as a class, to do another thematic-based unit and selected “Imagination” as our theme. We brainstormed what we already know or think about imagination.

Thursday: We continued to collect our ideas about imagination, adding questions indicating what we wonder about imagination. We then watched “Idiot Box” — an episode of Spongebob Squarepants — and used it to answer some of our questions including what outside forces influence our imagination, what kinds of people have more or less imagination, what does it take to be imagination, and what uses is our imagination put to.

Friday: We reviewed the Spongebob episode focusing on the use of irony throughout it. We then read “Imagination” by Gary Soto (email me for a copy if you need it) and wrote a paragraph response comparing the speaker of the poem with Squidward: What similarities do they share? How is their tone similar? And what irony is common in their situations?

Homework: Please bring in a silent reading book from somewhere other than our school’s library as the library is collecting all books and no longer lending out (in preparation for moving to the new building at the end of the school year).


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