The One and Only Robert Louis Stevenson

Hanisha Bains

English 9- Period 8

Mr. Turner

October, 12, 2011



Warning! This essay may be too informative for you to handle. In this essay, you will learn about who Robert Louis Stevenson is, his personal life and his poetry in general. Also included within this poem is, one of his poems and my interpretation of this poem. Towards the end of this essay you will be one educated little Einstein, and will be get to know all about one of the greatest poets ever to exist.

Although Robert Louis Stevenson had not won any awards or received any major recognition for his work, he is indeed a very strong poet. He was born in 1850 and is of Scottish background. Prior to deciding to become a poet/writer he studied many different things at the Edinburgh University. He started off with engineering, after abandoning this he then began learning law, although he did complete this, he then altered his decision and settled as a poet. His first poem ever to be published was “An Inland Voyage”. Stevenson poems were often categorized as essays, romance, travel, biography, short stories, novels, and plays.

Robert adopted many styles of writing. The lengths consisting in his poems are not a particular length instead the lengths range from size. Most poems by this author are about travel and romance, but the form in which he writes varies. The poems are very descriptive probably in attempt to create visual images within the readers mind. The language used is often very understandable but the reader does come across words unfamiliar. It is at times difficult to understand what the author is intending. There are quite a few poems written from child’s perspective and aren’t usually in rhythm. Continue reading