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Trust Your Heart Not Your Brain

The Angel of Death

By: Alane Ferguson

Nothing in this world is what we always expect and we should always keep that in mind. This book The Angel of Death by Alane Ferguson, is a wonderfully written Science Fiction that reminds us that we should keep our guards up and trust people to a certain extent. You can not always tell what a certain person is like because they might just be acting. Continue reading


Review of The Poker Diaries

The Poker Diaries

This is one of the best book I’ve ever read! Lulu King is a mix of uptown and downtown which nobody can relate to that easily because to them you either live in one or the other not both. She and her friends play poker all the time but she  has been playing ever since she can hold cards. One day, her friend gets into a mess that only Lulu can fix but the question is, at what cost?