Hubert Evans

Hubert Reginald Evans, the Elder of our Tribe


You’re about to read few short paragraphs about a classical Canadian poet, Hubert Reginald Evans. Through my paragraphs, you’ll learn some interesting facts about Hubert Evans, and read my interpretation of one of his poems, “Release”.

The poet Hubert Reginald Evans was born in 1892, Van Leek Hill, located in Ontario. After World War I, at the age of 16, he permanently moved to British Colombia with his family. Hubert married Anna Emily Winter in 1920, and 6 years later, he decided to try freelance writing as a full time occupation. He spent his life as a freelance writer for few years, and around the 1930s, he started publishing stories for young readers. In 1954, Hubert decided to expand his readership, and more people got to know him through radio plays written by Hubert, which were broadcast by CBC. Everything worked out smoothly and soon, many of the Canadian audiences started recognizing him as “The Elder of our Tribe” named by fellow Canadian writer, Margaret Laurence. Aside from being a poet, Hubert also worked as a reporter, fisherman, as well as a writer, but he enjoyed writing more than anything else. He was a writer for over 70 years, which means he spent almost eighty percent of his life writing. However, around the late 1970s, he started having hard time writing novels and poetries due to his falling eyesight, but he never gave up his passion for writing until he passed away at the age of 93 in 1986.

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