English 9 Honours Shakespeare Unit

Part One: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

  1. Watch the 1999 film version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  2. Sign up to study a monologue or dialogue in depth.
  3. Practice annotation and analysis.
  4. Choose one of three options for presenting your understanding.
  5. Memorize and analyze your lines; plan your presentation.
  6. Present.
  7. Receive grades according to the spoken work rubric, the written analysis rubric, or both.

Part Two: Romeo and Juliet




English 9 Honours – Short Stories Unit

We are finishing up the short story unit begun by Ms. Mushens.

Tuesday, February 14th: “The Taste of Melon”

Today we looked beyond the most obvious or “intentional” meanings of “The Taste in Melon” and looked at what else “The Taste of Melon” might mean.

Thursday, February 16th: “How to Tell Renata”

Please read “How to Tell Renata” before coming to this class.

Monday, February 20th: Short Stories Unit Test

You should be familiar with the content of all the stories we have read for this unit, and be able to apply the literary terms to those stories also. The test includes both multiple choice and written response.


English 12 – Silent Reading Creative Project!

We are working on a project based on the books we have read during Silent Reading. There are a wide variety of creative projects being pursued, but all of them involve interpreting and responding to a book in a creative and pointed way.

We’ve had mini-lessons on

  • designing a book cover or a dust jacket
  • drawing comic strips
  • infographics and posters
  • found poetry

Your final project is due on February 20th or 21st. On that day, bring your project in (on a USB drive if it is a computer file) and present it to the class, explaining your intentions and drawing attention to the choices you made.