Final Classes

As we wind down the school year, all of our major assignments are now complete. The remaining classes will feature short, “one-off” lessons designed to strengthen various skills. If you miss a class and would like to know what we did, please email

In the meantime I am still accepting revisions of old assignments (including assignments from the previous term) until Saturday, June 22nd.


English 12 — Tues. June 5 to Thu. June 7

Tuesday: We did a practice poetic vocabulary quiz created by the students of the class, then used the poems as the basis for further writing practice.

Period 1: Practice quiz based on “The Kiss” by Anne Sexton

Period 4: Practice quiz based on four different poems related to the theme, “Motivation”

Wednesday: We took our poetry quiz for marks, then looked at what the provincial looks like online, doing e-exam “D” (from 2010/11). We just did all multiple-choice questions (stand alone and synthesis texts) and discussed the analysis question.

Thursday: We will do the synthesis response from the same test as another practice in-class essay.

English 12 — Thur. May 31 & Fri. Jun. 1

Thursday: We peer reviewed our practice in-class synthesis essays, emphasizing the positive and recognizing the successes of the writers.

Also: We prepared for tomorrow’s final in-class synthesis essay be previewing the texts we will read.

PERIOD 1: Read the short story “May” by Ali Smith. You will be given the specific writing topic tomorrow.

People who were absent from period 1 may either email me to receive the story, or you will receive a different, poetry-based topic in class tomorrow.

PERIOD 4: You have a choice of topics and texts. Choose:

  1. Assess the effectiveness of any two texts—which is more successfully motivational?
    • Desiderata (poem)
    • If (poem)
    • Invictus (poem)
    • Any texts from the topics below
  1. Assess which texts provides better advice for dealing with adversity
    • When I Am Overcome With Weakness (poem)
    • Things That Won’t Help You On a Bad Day (poem)
  1. Topic: “Will“. How might the writer of “Will” interpret and respond to “Let’s Beat up the Poor”
    • Let’s Beat Up the Poor (fiction)
    • Will: To Live is to Choose (essay)

Students who were absent may email me to receive the texts. If you were not able to receive the texts to preview them, you will be assigned topic 2.

Friday: We wrote our final in-class synthesis essays. If you were not here today, you may make up this work during class time next week.

English 12 — Wed. May 23 to Mon. May 24

We have been doing test prep, doing practice provincial exams from the examples available online with a focus on the literary terms and also doing timed, in-class writing.

If you have not submitted your synthesis essay, it is overdue! It’s important that you submit that ASAP in order to benefit from the feedback you receive prior to your next and final synthesis essay for marks, which will be an in-class, timed-write situation.

English 12 — Tues. May 22

Today: We peer reviewed our synthesis essays.

Tomorrow: We will review some literary vocabulary at the start of class and then have time to complete our revisions and submit our synthesis essays.

Homework: Make sure you are able to complete your essay during tomorrows class. Work on it at home if necessary. Also please bring a silent reading book that does not come from our school library.