Can a slave become a hero?

Judson Roberts,  “Viking Warrior

The “Viking Warrior” is an excellent book! If you love action and adventures, then this is a book for you!

He is the son of a Viking chieftain and an Irish princess, yet Halfdan was born as a slave. At fourteen, he is a young boy whose fate was to be a slave but who dreams of freedom and adventures. One day fate is giving him all that he dreamed; he is freed and trains as a Viking warrior. Another day fate takes all of it back from him and is letting him fight for his fate. If fate chooses Halfdan again, he may arise as a new hero, or a new legend.  Continue reading


Behind the Luggage Carousel

Air Babylon
By Imogen Edwards-Jones & Anonymous

Are you tired of flight delays and cancellations while you are in a good mood and excited for a getaway trip? Have you ever wondered what takes the crew so long just to depart a plane? And would you like to know the fact of every airline’s operation? Air Babylon is the follower of a huge success, Hotel Babylon. The book was first published in 2005 and written by Imogen Edwards-Jones and Anonymous (a number of undisclosed airline and airport staff interviewed by Jones) reveals the secret of the flying institute in a humorous way. Continue reading

Dragons and Squirrels; Oh my!

Silly tenants need to keep their noses out of a dragon’s business, you might just get burned! It’s too bad David Rain only seems to realizes that when it’s too late in The Fire Within by Chris d’Lacey and he’s gripped into the world of  squirrels and clay figurine dragons. Goodness gracious David, you picked yourself a great place to lodge yourself, buddy! Hrr~!

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Cherub Book Review

The book “Class A” by Robert Muchamore is the second book in the series. It starts out with this pre-teen named James Adam. He is living in a facility called Cherub. It is a secret organization that uses children to spy people adults can’t. He is currently on a mission to with other members to investigate one of Europe’s biggest drug dealing gang. Keith Moore is the leader of the forceful gang. James encountered Keith Jr.: Keith’s son and starts to hang out together. They start help selling drugs and that is beginning of his long infiltration. Continue reading

An Advanced World

The House of the Scorpion

By Nancy Farmer

Have you ever imagined a world in which having a clone is possible? A world where money equals power? The House of the Scorpion is set in a future where cloning is possible; yet clones are despised by humans. The book takes you to see the internal struggles of a clone and allows you to experience the inner desire of humans.

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