Subcultures and their Ideologies

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The Black Panthers valued equal rights, which included equal rights among every one, decent housing, employment, education, and and end to racism… etc. The most important of the rights was peace.The attitude the Black Panthers had to the “Mainstream” was that people shouldn’t look down on each other, but bear no prejudice no judgement just boundless freedom. If the people didn’t like this lesson the Black Panther would use violence to get their message across.

— Tessa

Skaters value the outdoors. They love the feeling of the wind shipping through their long hair as they skate from point A to point B. Even if it rains, they’ll still go outdoors just for something to do. This is why most skaters are usually skinny. They also like to get into mild trouble just for a thrill. Like for example, taking a skateboard from Walmart and riding around the whole store until someone kicks them out or yells at them. Maybe skaters just think that the “mainstream” is boring. That’s why they choose to be a bit different than normal class society. They don’t necessarily hate life or have something to hate in general. They just don’t like it when cops stop them or people stereotype them that their up to no good when even though they’re not doing anything bad. All in all, skaters get along pretty well with society. Although, older people get mad at them quite often for skating around them, being noisy or rowdy, or just straight up looking the way they do.

— Connor

Bikers are powerful. They value strength and courage. They are always sticking together. They value loyalty to their group and their own group itself. Knowledge of bikes (motorcycles) and skill with machinery is also very important. Bikers value bravery and tradition (loyalty to biker traditions). Their family is also very important to them. They always like to do things themselves but they stick together within their biker group.Bikers value the mainstream. They don’t take them for granted. They like people outside of their group. Bikers want to protect them but also keep to themselves. They are the protectors.

— Megan

A jock has values that make them want to be the best person either in the school or on the football field (or any other sport the jock plays). They try to be the most popular so that all the girls fall for him. Another value that a jock has is looking good. As they wear their letterman’s jacket, they try to look the best they can be. Showing of their athletic skills is another value. Jocks want to be the best on the team and at the same time try to be the team captain.

— Dominic

The bohemians value freedom, love, peace and towards mainstream society, they believe it to be too complicated because of money. The bohemians value freedom, love and peace because they want to live life to the fullest extent. They believe that producing music and art for a living is worth the low wages because money is not important to them. Towards mainstream society, they believe it is too complicated because of money. They believe people should not care for money and express love and live free. They also believe that money leads to wars and to solve this problem, all you need is love.

— David

Sitting down, logging in.  These are the first steps to escaping the world of everyday life for a gamer.  Stepping into the virtual shoes of a character to live a day in the perfect, detached world of an computerized world.  Escaping for a few precious the dreadful reality of life.  Relief from the stressful, rushed, future focused way of life of the mainstream culture.

— Jamie

A cowboy values manhood and strength as he works independently Cowboys like the nature, and taking care of their animals as well as their family. They like the adventure that lets them ride freely on their horse as the wind brushes through their hair. Cowboys also admire traditional Christian values. A cowboy likes the adventure that lets him explore and use his skill.

— Ela

B-Boys listen to the messages found in the lyrics of Hip Hop music. For example independence and pride. Some are opposed to Rap music because it gives the wrong impression of what Hip Hop is supposed to be about. Hip Hop does not discriminate and is not all about sex, drugs or money. Most B-boys dance because they grew up with it or have such a strong passion for it that it becomes a lifestyle.The Hip Hop culture has many philosophies including style and skill but the most important value in a B-Boy’s mind is practice.B-boys either don’t care about the mainstream or they dislike it. This is because B-boys believe that it is the mainstream’s fault that hip hop, break dancing and b-boying etc is considered to be the same thing around the world. They are offended at being associated with rap and according to them, the mainstream is at fault for the confusion between hip hop and rap music. B-boys tend to only have respect for the mainstream if it helps them in any way with their dancing or wanted career in that field.

— Lara

Goths have certain values and a certain attitude towards the “mainstream.” Goths value creativity, the arts, freedom, being different and standing out. They express emotions such as death and sadness in the clothing they wear and accessories. they think the “mainstream” is closed, boring, too formal, and they dislike anybody that looks normal. Goths have many values and they strongly oppose anybody thats “normal.”

— Aaron

The values of the Hippy subculture would be peace on Earth, everyone must be calm or chill, smoking marijuana should be legal, and usually self-centered. These values are most important to a hippy. Some more values are that they are creative and outsiders. The attitude toward the mainstream is definitely a bad one. A response from them would be, “The mainstream is a dramatic subculture, they need to calm down and smoke a jerry.”

— By Tristan

Emo is a short term for emocore or emotional hardcore. These names were applied to hardcore punk bands, who had themes about sadness, love, and anxiety in their lyrics. Their values are expressed through music and they like to talk about emotional topics such as despair, broken heart, nostalgia, and self-hatred. One of the beliefs they value include suicide; they believe their life after death, they will be recreated and live in a better world. Their mainstream is closed: isolating themselves from their surroundings. Their point-of-view is always negative, for example, they modify happy situation into a dreadful, hopeless, and miserable thoughts. Also, Emos often get suicidal attempt to end their sufferance when everyone’s life will end sooner or later. In this process, they feel very depressed and suffer with their own thoughts and cry and listen to their favorite emocore bands: the only people who understands them. Therefore, emos need love and look for it all the time in order to prevent them from further consequences.


Geeks have simple lives and isolate themselves from the world because the world is really complicated. They don’t have many friends because of their isolation so they take out their loneliness on video games or movies. They care about their grades and always have to be the best. They concentrate on school and technology too much that they don’t have time for exercise so they aren’t very good at sports.

— Joceyln

Nerds value school grades. They are generally considered to be awkward, shy and/or unattractive by most people. A nerd is often excluded from physical activity and considered to be loner by others, or will tend to associate with a small group oflike-minded people. Nerds are intelligent and love video games.

— Mikaela

Preps value education, friends, and their family. Preps are also considered as a clique. They love being in the “in crowd”. They like to be above the mainstream, meaning they like to be known as the upper class. Preps value manners highly; they think it is a big part of their life. Education is also important to them; they usually do well in school and plan on going into a good university. Preps like to be in style, they are high-maintenance. They definitely love fashion, they like their clothes to be very neat and polished. The often wear formal clothes. Preps don’t necessarily dislike the mainstream but they usually stay with their “preppy” group.

— Sheila

Darkness, gothic literature, and dark/rock music are a few of the values of a goth. You would be able to see their confidence on individuality and their expression of showing that they don’t care what others think. They probably value individuality to show that everyone is unique in their own way. Goths value rock music, which is probably because it may relate to how they’re feeling and what their mood is like.

Uniqueness is probably a belief of a goth. They don’t care what the people considered as “normal” think. They like who they are, and believe that being different isn’t bad. Compared to the mainstream, goths are not usually as outgoing. They like to be in to themselves and not very talkative.

— Negar

Rastafarians value individualism and love, they oppose the mainstream and do not vote. they also value religion very seriously,in ceremonies they smoked weed to “free their mind, body and soul”.rastas are unfazed by mainstream styles, politics and currency. early rastas hated white people because they were taken from their homeland and oppressed by the white man, so it makes sense that most rastas are afro-american. they value there hairstyle as well.

— Dion

Rastafarians are Christian people that believe in one god called Haile Selassie. He is who the Rastifarians or Rastas worship. The Rastas are cool people they are calm and peaceful. The Rastafarians likes to smoke weed for spiritual purposes and like to jam to mellow music with strong beats. A lot of Rastas have dread locks and long block/gray hair. They wear baggy/breezy clothes and sandals. They are laid back stress free people. Their colours represent Jamaica red, yellow, and green.

— Gino


Soma Brochure

I changed the whole thing, I did a brochure advertising Soma and it’s positive effects, I emailed you if I could do it today cause I didnt really like my old project’s idea and stuff, so I kinda just went ahead and did this one. The group was still just me, I did it myself, no other changes were made other than different project, and can I get marked on the same criteria’s please?

Sorry for any inconveniences, thanks :S

John’s perspective Painting

The topic of my painting is John’s perspective of the Brave New World. Although John has been fascinated by the Brave New World as a child from his mother’s stories, he soon becomes disgusted by the society and its dull-sensed people. He realizes that soma is a poison to the body and soul, and calls soma-induced happiness as a “false, lying happiness” (p.156). He also thinks that people in the brave new world are living as slaves and have no individual emotions or thoughts. In the end, John does not want to live in a world without Shakespeare, religion, and essentially, the right to be unhappy. For John, freedom is so important to him than stability and comfort that he commits suicide after he realizes that he would rather die than live without freedom.

My painting depicts John and a group of citizens – Alphas, Betas, Deltas, Gammas, and Epsilsons – and the society of the Brave New World. The citizens on the right are grouped together and are all connected to society as one. They have stability; artificial happiness induced by soma; and they are satisfied and content with their lives. They are shown as a collective because they have given up their liberties of thought and speech to be ignorantly blissful. They have been conditioned that they belong to one another and that they all work efficiently for society and its economic efficiency.

On the left side, I drew John as a modified version of Lady Justice, who is the allegorical personification of justice. Instead of the set of scales to measure the strengths of a case’s support and opposition, he holds the scale of freedom and stability.  Similar to Lady Justice, his eyes are blindfolded to show objectivity, illustrating how he fairly and ultimately favors freedom instead of stability and comfort. I portrayed him as the divine rightness of freedom because he is the only character in the book that has experienced the two worlds – the Savage Reservation and the World State. As a half-breed, John can measure the strength and weaknesses of each world, eventually coming to the conclusion that it is his duty or reparation to free the world of caste systems and slavery.  Unlike others in the Brave New World, John doesn’t consider the World Sate controlled society as utopia.

I also attempted to incorporate some of the ideas of futurism in the city because the values of futurism – youth, speed, power, technology, and commercialized culture – make up the societal structure of the Brave New World. I drew the borders of the World State society with a jagged border because I think that the values are all broken to show that they are not proper.

I agree with John’s perspective because a government that conditions their citizens from birth about consumerism and subsidizes and legalizes drugs to keep people obedient is immoral. I feel that every human has their basic rights – life, liberty, and freedom of thought and expression – and they need to be protected, no matter the cost. Although the World State provides stability and economic efficiency, there is no point for humans to live without their own opinions and liberties.