A Waitress in Yellowstone

It is finally here!

The world premiere of English 9’s paper puppet adaptation of David Mamet’s “A Waitress in Yellowstone” is now online!

Part one:

Part two:



Why Ban Mockingbird?

NOTE: The following video was made with the best of intentions. Most people have a strong aversion to the frame visible below (which visualizes the number of times the term appears in To Kill a Mockingbird). That aversion is precisely the point. Those who seek to ban the novel often do so simply because for them, distributing the words out over 300 pages does not diminish its capacity to cause distress. I allow this video to be displayed in the faith that viewers who watch the video will recognize that despite its flaws in execution, there is merit to its overall message. — Mr. Turner

A Penny for Your Thought: interview with Ruby Bates (New Episode)

By: Andrea and Maisie

Brought to you live!! Get the inside scoop of what really happened to the Scottsboro Boys and their trial in this episode of  the show ‘A Penny for Your Thought’. Interviewing Ruby Bates; one of the victims of the trial.

*video soon to come!

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Interviewer: Welcome to our show “A Penny for Your Thought” Today we’re going to interview Ruby Bates one of the girls who were involved in the Scottsboro Boy’s scandal.

Ruby: Hi, Martha! I am honoured to be here today.

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“The Outsiders’ Laments” by Yesle, Priscilla, Amy, and Danbi

The song was based on how people from Brave New World‘s society wanted to betray Ford’s class system, and wish for a new society, where everyone was treated equally and given the right to do whatever they want.


I couldn’t embed it since the video doesn’t show on the comment.  😦  So, I just posted the link to the actual video~

*** I embedded it for you! It won’t show up on the school computers since Youtube is blocked, but it will show up the rest of the time. — Mr. Turner