English 12 — Period 1 — Tues. May 29 & Wed. May 30

Tuesday: We wrote an in-class synthesis essay from a past provincial exam.

Wednesday: We reviewed the completed multiple choice questions and discussed the texts for the synthesis portion of the exam in preparation for peer reviewing the in-class essays tomorrow.


English 9 — Wed. May 23 to Mon. May 28

We have been working on our self-directed “Imagination” projects for the majority of our class time.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we looked briefly at different materials that are available in the shared folder on Google Drive.

On Monday we practiced explaining and justifying our illustrations using these sentence structures:

I am illustrating ________________ from ________________. I am trying to show or emphasize __________________________________________________________________________________.

Homework: At this point you should be finished or nearly finished your first of the two assignments for this project. If you are not yet finished the first one (the illustration for most of you) please catch up on that at home.

English 12 — Wed. May 23 to Mon. May 24

We have been doing test prep, doing practice provincial exams from the examples available online with a focus on the literary terms and also doing timed, in-class writing.

If you have not submitted your synthesis essay, it is overdue! It’s important that you submit that ASAP in order to benefit from the feedback you receive prior to your next and final synthesis essay for marks, which will be an in-class, timed-write situation.

English 9 — Tues. May 22

Today: We reviewed the Self-Directed Imagination Project and got started by reading the text options. We then viewed the Simpsons’s adaptation of “The Raven” as an entry point in understanding that text.

Homework: Please ensure you are reading a book at home and bringing it everyday to class–a book which does NOT come from our school library. All school library books are now due.

English 12 — Tues. May 22

Today: We peer reviewed our synthesis essays.

Tomorrow: We will review some literary vocabulary at the start of class and then have time to complete our revisions and submit our synthesis essays.

Homework: Make sure you are able to complete your essay during tomorrows class. Work on it at home if necessary. Also please bring a silent reading book that does not come from our school library.

English 9 — Wed. May 16 and Thu. May 17

Wednesday: We completed our illustrations for “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”.

Thursday: We used our illustrations to better understand the Visual Work Scoring Rubric. We then did dramatic readings of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” with groups of 3 or 4 taking different sections of the text to perform. We then looked briefly at the Spoken Work Scoring Rubric.

This is all in preparation for the Self-Directed Project which we will complete for the remainder of our “Imagination” unit. Students will complete one written assignment and one non-written assignment. For each, they may choose the style of assignment and the texts they will use for it. (See the Self-Directed Project assignment handout for more details.)

Homework: Consider what choices you’d like to make for the project. This project will take us about two weeks to complete. Also, you MUST bring in your own silent reading material. We will not resume silent reading unless the vast majority of students make the effort to find a book and bring it to class.