English 8 – January 3 & 4

This class: We read “Yes Ma’am” by Langston Hughes, and discussed how it might or might not be used to promote a more general approach to crime.

Homework: If you have not yet handed in your “Penny in The Dust” Essay, it is overdue.


Picturing Death: The Portrayal of Animal Suffering in Literature

These days, human activities are causing some serious impacts on our surroundings. Some of the examples are pollution, lack of natural resources and also our cruelty against animals. The issue about animal cruelty has become very significant, since an abnormally large number of animals are being killed by humans every day. Furthermore, our views on killing animals are continuously being influenced by our surroundings and desires, in such way that we think that killing animals is okay, since we are superior to them. Our world cannot find a solution to this issue yet, but the opinions of a certain few about the ethics of killing animals have been illustrated in literature. Today, we are going to discuss some of the ideas about killing animals mentioned in literature, how they are written in order to affect our opinions and how killing animals is okay under certain circumstances.  Continue reading